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As the leading resource for Jewish youth philanthropy, Honeycomb is ready to help you deliver a meaningful, high-impact giving experience to youth in your community.

Benefits from working with us:

  • Our signature four-phase youth philanthropy model that brings Jewish teachings and values to life.

  • Our creative program modules and activities that enable youth to engage with philanthropic decisions in a fun, hands-on way.

  • Our best practices driven by field-wide research and data.

  • Our comprehensive global view of Jewish youth philanthropy.

  • Our decades of experience and deep expertise in experiential philanthropy education, designing effective strategic giving experiences that meet youth where they are.

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Let’s work together

We look forward to working with you to deliver the incredible promise of Jewish youth philanthropy: cultivating a lasting desire and skillset to change the world, while strengthening young people’s connections to Jewish life, identity, community, and values.

Our services:

  • Workshops

    Fully designed and facilitated philanthropy workshops for youth.

  • Curriculum

    Curriculum development and program facilitation for long-term, immersive youth philanthropy experiences.

  • Engagements

    Speaking engagements at conferences or gatherings.

  • Advisory

    Advising and program design for families and family foundations seeking to engage their school-aged children in their philanthropy.

  • Trainings

    Training and facilitation coaching for professionals leading youth philanthropy programs and workshops.

Past projects

We’ve already had the privilege of working with many different organizations to design and deliver custom Jewish youth philanthropy experiences. Some of our past projects include:

  • NatanFamily

    Honeycomb worked with Natan, a giving circle that’s allocated $13.5 million to 240+ Jewish and Israeli startup organizations, to produce “Natan Families.” This multi-session, facilitated program for the teenage children of Natan’s member families gave youth a first-hand experience of the strategic, Jewish values-driven philanthropy that their parents do as part of Natan, and taught them how to express their own values in service of their giving moving forward.

  • BBYO Youth Sessions

    At B’nai B’rith Youth Organization’s (BBYO) International Convention, Honeycomb delivered a series of workshops in which teens explored the relationship between justice and tzedakah; learned about social justice issues, and researched unique front-line organizations. The sessions also equipped teens to take their lessons home, and determine how they could use strategic philanthropy as a new way to engage with their local communities.

  • Philanthropy Day

    When the Morris J. Betty Kaplun Foundation wanted a new, exciting way to honor the prize recipients of its annual youth essay contest, they reached out to Honeycomb to design Philanthropy Day: a full-day, immersive philanthropy experience for award recipients and their families. After learning about Jewish traditions of giving, exploring their Jewish values, and considering potential grant recipients, youth participants gave away a real grant, and experienced a new way of responding to community needs.

What our partners say:

"By the end of NatanFamily, teens were so excited about selecting grantees and finalizing the process. They also really got a sense for what their parents do with Natan and why they spend all those hours at Natan meetings. It was wonderful to see the parents' pride in watching their child have a giving circle experience. Honeycomb was flexible and transparent throughout the process; it didn’t feel like a ‘business partnership.’ Instead, they were incredibly gracious and friendly and did everything they could to make this work well."

Adina Poupko, Director of Grants and Programs, Natan

"Honeycomb’s team really listened. We needed something ready to use: out of the box, no assembly required—and everything they did served that goal. And, they are pros! I’ve been in this world for 20 years now; what they produced was of superior quality. We’re strongly considering integrating Honeycomb’s philanthropy program--originally meant to be a one-time experience--into Diller’s annual Teen Fellows’ curriculum."

Loal Isaacs, Deputy Executive Director, Helen Diller Family Foundation

"I’m so impressed by Honeycomb, its resources, and its willingness to customize this work. They did an incredible job of engaging me throughout the process. We are already planning on a second Philanthropy program to celebrate our next essay contest and working collaboratively to expand the program to virtual experiences. Our board loves it, and we love the relationship with Honeycomb."

David Connerty-Marin, Board member, Kaplun Family Foundation

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