LAunchpad: The Los Angeles Synagogue Incubator for Youth Philanthropy is an initiative by Honeycomb launches high quality Jewish youth philanthropy programs in Los Angeles area synagogues.

This program engages Jewish youth in Los Angeles in life-changing experiences of philanthropy and community connection that shape and strengthen Jewish values and identity, leadership skills and changemaking abilities.

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In the pilot year, four synagogues were chosen to participate in the Incubator. These synagogues have the opportunity to uniquely focus on Jewish youth philanthropy and benefit from its incredible impact and promise on which it delivers: strengthening young people’s connections to Jewish life, identity, community and values while cultivating a lasting desire and skillset to change the world and impact the Los Angeles community.

Honeycomb will work closely with each synagogue providing educational curriculum, resources, funding and training to elevate and develop their philanthropy programming and ensuring strong bonds with the Los Angeles community.


LAunchpad: The Los Angeles Synagogue Incubator for Youth Philanthropy, an initiative by Honeycomb, is proudly supported by the Ziering Family Foundation.

Additional synagogue grants provided by the Los Angeles Jewish Teen Initiative powered by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Jim Joseph Foundation, with seed funding provided by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.

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