Honeycomb is the leading resource for Jewish youth philanthropy

Our educational resources and experiences are used globally to shape and build the future of Jewish philanthropists.

Our Initiatives

All of our initiatives are designed to strengthen the educational impact of youth philanthropy. We accomplish this by training professionals in connecting and networking program leaders, and creating curriculum and resources to meet community needs.


Opening the Dor


The Giving Hive

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December 13-14, 2023

Facilitator Training 2023: Learn. Practice. Skill-Up.

We provide Consulting

We look forward to working with you to deliver the incredible promise of Jewish youth philanthropy: cultivating a lasting desire and skillset to change the world, while strengthening young people’s connections to Jewish life, identity, community, and values.

Honeycomb Media

22 June 2023

Announcement: New Report Shows that Jewish Youth Philanthropy Programs Strengthen Teens’ Jewish Identities and Build Connections in Their Communities

15 February 2023

Announcement: Honeycomb Launches 2023 Teen Survey

13 December 2022

Announcement: Introducing Honeycomb's newest initiative, iGive

10 November 2022

Media Feature: Youth Philanthropy, Guardians President, Beit Issie Shapiro Gala

04 October 2022

Media Feature: 'A Los Angeles program is turning Jewish teens into philanthropists'

15 April 2022

Media Feature: 'Giving Circles' Fight LGBTQ+ Oppression with Generosity

14 April 2022

Announcement: Introducing Honeycomb's newest initiative, LAunchpad: The Los Angeles Synagogue Incubator for Youth Philanthropy

31 March 2022

Announcement: Honeycomb Launches 2022 Parent Survey

About Us

Honeycomb is the leading resource for all educational content, resources and experiences to allow educators, professionals, parents and organizations to engage youth in strategic grantmaking. Honeycomb’s vision to create generations of engaged, empowered, and experienced Jewish changemakers and givers. Honeycomb is a program of the Jewish Funders Network, learn more at www.jfunders.org/

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