Imagining Giving Card Game

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Introducing Honeycomb's newest interactive game! Imagining Giving enables participants to visualize their philanthropy journeys and start the conversation with their peers about how they can strategically address their concerns about various Justice Issues that they see in the world. This deck of 40 images, with corresponding thought provoking question prompts, guides participants through their giving journeys and helps define their philanthropy goals. Dive even deeper into your giving journey with 10 additional "Imagine Cards" which provide even more conversation starters. This resource will quickly become a valuable addition to various settings. Imagining Giving enables participants to strategize their giving process towards becoming change agents in the world today. Whether you are looking for additional ways to engage Jewish youth or want to utilize these cards with your loved ones, don't wait any longer to start these crucial conversations. Get 15% off your order of 3 or more Imagining Giving decks, just use code "15offImaginingCards" at checkout!

Game Features:

  • 40 5x7 images, with accompanying thought-provoking prompts
  • 10 additional "Imagine Cards" to dive deeper into your journey
  • Many uses for games, activities, and discussion prompts.
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