Foundation Board Incubator

The Foundation Board Incubator brings the success and impact of Jewish youth philanthropy programs across North America into cities around the world. Building upon two decades of experience with programs in the field of Jewish youth philanthropy, Honeycomb works closely with each host institution to develop high investment and high intensity initiatives in communities where there was previously no existing youth philanthropy program.

Ten communities:

The purpose of the Foundation Board Incubator

The Foundation Board Incubator focuses on launching teen foundations housed in community organizations (such as federations and community foundations) which allow for building pluralistic and diverse teen boards. Communities participating in the Incubator benefit from partnership in development and implementation of their program in addition to coaching on opportunities for scaling and growth.

In August 2020, we released our long-term impact report Give and Grow: Jewish Teen Philanthropy’s Unique, Powerful and Lasting Impact, which included data from our Foundation Board Incubator communities.

The Foundation Board Incubator is generously funded by Laura Lauder and the Maimonides Fund.

Need help?

For more information, contact Sarah Ruderman, Program & Education Director.

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