Honeycomb hosted our annual Facilitator Training December 13-14, 2023 in New York. We were delighted to welcome professionals from all over the country (El Paso, Milwaukee, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York) and Israel. As always, we spotlighted amazing aspects of our curriculum. Through discussion, interactive activities, valuable skill building, integrated games, and a wonderful trip to the theater, participants engaged with each other to bring new ideas and best practices back to their own programs.

Since we gathered during Chanukah, the idea of miracles and wonder played a pivotal role in our time together. Participants delved into what they consider to be a miracle, how can we create small miracles every day; along with more deep thoughts by this exceptional group of professionals. At the conclusion of each day, we gathered together to light the Chanukiah, actively bringing more light into the darkness of New York in December. In even more exciting news, we unveiled our brand-new Holiday Enhancement Guide: Chanukah. As the first in a series of Holiday Enhancement Guides, this resource offers tools to add Chanukah themes to existing youth philanthropy programs and guides program facilitators in ways to bring philanthropy into Chanukah celebrations.

The lasting message from this year’s Facilitator Training is that all of us create small miracles all the time. How fortunate that we are able to create moments for Jewish youth to engage, create, and gather. Make sure to take those opportunities to create lasting memories for them, because great miracles do happen.

Thank you to all of our #FT23 cohort members. Stay tuned for details and dates for our next Facilitator Training, in late October 2024.



Written by

Matt Bergman

Communications and Engagement Manager