In Texas, the latest state law targeting trans people directs the Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate any surgical treatment of trans children as possible child abuse.

In response, a variety of groups are fund-raising to fight for the rights of transgender and nonbinary individuals, and communities of color, across the South. One group benefiting from the investments is the Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender and Sexual Diversity (Sojourn).

Wayne Green, executive director of the Jewish philanthropy network Honeycomb and founder of the Kavod Giving Circle, said its members are marching and donating funds. “There are people, both in Texas and around the country, that care about the LGBTQ community,” Green asserted. “And we are not going to step down, and we’re going to stand up collectively in every way possible.” Green, who is Jewish, pointed out he has experienced discrimination himself, and is now helping other Jewish teens find their voices. Sojourn works with Jewish organizations on education programs, contacting legislators and being part of coalitions.