Our network is a global community of professionals and educators

The Honeycomb network is a dedicated community of professionals and educators from organizations globally that are committed to championing Jewish youth philanthropy programs and experiences.

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  • Jewish Day School

    The Tzedek Program at The Brandeis School of San Francisco

    San Francisco, CA

  • Synagogue

    TIC Gesher (7th Grade) at Temple Israel Center

    White Plains, NY

  • Federation

    TLPI-Next at JTConnect

    West Hartford, CT

  • Synagogue

    Washington Hebrew Congregation

    Potomac, MD

  • YoPhI

    YoPhI at Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis

    Indianapolis, Indiana

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The Honeycomb network is a group of professionals who receive training, resources and specialized consulting from the Honeycomb team in order to champion the Jewish youth philanthropy field. In addition to professional development and training, Honeycomb works to create meaningful relationships among its members through strategic partnerships, cohort learning, and network-weaving. Whether you are building a new program from the ground up, are new to the field, or are in need of some guidance, the Honeycomb network is here for you. Being a part of this network is completely free so make sure you sign up to become a part of this global movement and sign up your program to the network today!

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Honeycomb is committed to actively supporting this community in order to see it thrive. Reach out to us.

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