Honeycomb Podcast: Outside The Tzedakah Box

Outside The Tzedakah Box is a podcast presented by Honeycomb.

Each episode hosts an insightful conversation with an amazing guest who shares their unique perspective to help us explore the broader world of Jewish youth engagement and philanthropy education.

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  • Oct 2021

    Episode 10: Learning and Unlearning in Philanthropy, with Sara Lomelin

    On this episode of Outside The Tzedakah Box, we hear from Sara Lomelin, Executive Director of Philanthropy Together. Sara shares her personal and professional insights about the unique opportunities that Giving Circles have to offer. We also discuss how the giving circle world has pivoted through recent times and the importance of continuing to learn and unlearn all throughout our philanthropy journeys (and how we can do it!)

  • Aug 2021

    Episode 9: Here and Now: Philanthropy Through the Eyes of Young People, with Jordana Hozman and Cara Lopatin

    On this episode of Outside The Tzedakah Box, we hear from two amazing youth philanthropists who are also members of the current cohort of the Honeycomb Youth Ambassadors Council. Jordana and Cara share their unique point of view as Jewish teen philanthropists and help us understand how the younger generations are shaping the field of philanthropy and beyond.

  • Jun 2021

    Episode 8: Finding The Path Ahead, with Jeffrey Solomon

    This episode of Outside The Tzedakah Box features Dr. Jeffrey Solomon who shares his extensive experience in the Jewish nonprofit world and beyond. We discuss Honeycomb’s rebrand, what it means to be a Jewish professional in today’s world, and the future of Jewish philanthropy in a post COVID world.

  • Oct 2020

    Episode 7: Finding Lessons Learned, with Laura Lauder

    This episode features Laura Lauder, (social entrepreneur and venture philanthropist), who shares her personal journey into the world of Jewish youth philanthropy and talks about her own philanthropic strategy and successes. Plus a deeper look at her involvement in the flagship Honeycomb initiative: the Foundation Board Incubator.

    The Foundation Board Incubator is a project of Honeycomb, generously funded by Laura Lauder and the Maimonides Fund.

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