The Jewish Philanthropy Compass

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The Jewish Philanthropy Compass is a visionary tool to guide your philanthropy process. The Compass allows you (or your participants) to navigate how to align your philanthropy with values, Mitzvot (principles) and Justice Issues. On the inside, the core, are the Values, the universal “Big Ideas” that guide us. Moving out, we encounter the particular Jewish imperatives that tell us how to put the big ideas into practice, and on the outside we engage with real-world causes - the Justice Issues we want to address.

For orders of 3 compasses or more, please contact us directly.

Compass Features:

  • Three interlocking wheels that can be lined up in any combination: Values, Justice Issues and Mitzvot.
  • Arrow spinner in the center for added gameplay.
  • Many uses for games, activities, and discussion prompts (see Changemakers curriculum for full list).
  • Great resource to send your participants, whether you are in-person or online.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Jewish Philanthropy Deck.
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