The Jewish Philanthropy Deck

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This deck of cards is designed to enhance your philanthropy experience by exploring your identity through giving. These cards allow you to connect and understand Jewish values and mitzvot by discussing what you care about and where you give. This deck of cards can be used by all ages, in all different settings. Play with the cards in your philanthropy program or organization, or use them in your family or group to help understand why and where to give.  

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The Jewish Philanthropy Deck

This new resource from Honeycomb is a way for program professionals and families to explore philanthropy in a fun and practical way.

The Philanthropy Deck is a tool from our consulting opportunities and we hope you enjoy using this to advance your philanthropy experience.

Features of the deck:

  • 7 core value cards carefully curated to link to Jewish youth philanthropy.
  • 12 Mitzvot cards to explore deeper themes.
  • 22 Justice Issue cards to explore causes in our world today.
  • 7 customizable Justice Issue cards so that you can add your own ideas.
  • Instruction card with game-play ideas.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Uniquely designed to offer English and Hebrew connection.
  • Can be used to help guide your philanthropy as a group or an individual.
  • Can be used in conjunction with our ChangeMakers curriculum or as a stand-alone resource.
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