Leading a Mental Health Focused Giving Experience

Tuesday, February 22

9am – 11am Pacific / 11am – 1pm Central / 12pm – 2pm Eastern / 7pm – 9pm Israeli Daylight Time


Honeycomb invites you to an engaging session to learn how to use our Changemakers90 Mental Health Enhancement Guide as a supplement to your youth program. Hear from Dr. Betsy S. Stone, who assisted in the development of the guide and will help facilitate our training as we explore identity and wellness in relation to giving.

This two-hour session is specifically curated to offer attendees practical, hands-on skills and activities to engage youth and students in a Jewish giving experience focused on Mental Health. We will walk through the enhancement guide, offer best practices in facilitation and peel back the curtain in order to explore the intention and methodology behind these activities, tools and resources. The program will also offer activities for your program which will encourage discussion about identity.

  • 2-hour session.
  • No previous knowledge necessary.
  • Open to any professional who works in the field of Jewish teen engagement, experiential education, or the Jewish nonprofit field.

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