7 Core Values of Philanthropy

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As part of our Changemakers curriculum, Honeycomb has identified 7 core values of youth philanthropy, which form the pillars of our unique approach to philanthropy education. This resource summarizes these core values and provides you with a streamlined way of presenting these important values to your participants.  

Many thanks to the Honeycomb funders who generously support our core programming. Providing general operating support allows us to make valuable resources, like this one, available at no cost. Donate to Honeycomb here.

7 Core Values of Philanthropy

The guide includes:

  • Easy-to-read one-page hand out that can be shared electronically or printed
  • Includes values written in English, Hebrew and transliteration
  • Includes clear 2-sentence summaries of each value
  • Includes traditional Jewish text to accompany each value, with source references
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