Honeycomb ChangeMakers90 – Enhancement Guide – Civil Rights and Antiracism

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We are delighted to share our Civil Rights and Anti-Racism Justice Issue Enhancement Guide. This Justice Issue Enhancement Guide is designed to accompany Changemakers90: A Youth Giving Circle in 90 Minutes. In order to help create a deeply meaningful and focused experience, this guide will provide additional framework to enhance the session. This guide will help you explore how philanthropy is a powerful tool to address changes in society. By adding these questions and activities, participants will be able to make their giving decisions through a lens focusing on Judaism + Civil Rights and Anti-Racism.  

Many thanks to the Honeycomb funders who generously support our core programming. Providing general operating support allows us to make valuable resources, like this one, available at no cost. Donate to Honeycomb here.

Honeycomb ChangeMakers90 - Enhancement Guides

As part of this educational model, Honeycomb has identified 22 Justice Issues that reflect the needs and challenges of the world we live in. While we recognize there are more than 22 issues that need to be addressed in the world today, by providing this standard, we can introduce new opportunities for participants to engage with and understand the power of philanthropy through a specific issue area.

This Enhancement Guide Includes:

  • Full instructions
  • Additional activities that can be added to - or replace activities from - the full Changemakers90 program.
  • Tips for facilitators
  • Ready made online tools
  • Templates
  • Slide deck (separate powerpoint)
  • Look out for more Enhancement Guides as they are released!
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