Changemakers Online: 16-Session Jewish Youth Philanthropy Curriculum

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Jewish Youth Philanthropy is a powerful way to engage Jewish teens in meaningful action to change the world. This online curriculum has everything you need in order to run a meaningful and engaging Jewish youth philanthropy program in your community entirely online. This resource has fully curated sessions, with time schedules and outlines for ease of use and implementation. Each session includes virtual tools and resources included as well as all worksheets to be used.

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This curriculum is newly designed, following the 4-phase model from the full Changemakers: a Journey Through Jewish Teen Philanthropy curriculum. 
For individuals, organizations or programs in our network who have consulted with one of our team, there is a program curriculum fee of $119
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Changemakers: Online Curriculum

This program can be used as a stand-alone giving experience or it can serve as an introduction to concepts for an ongoing program.

Features of the Online Curriculum:

  • 16 easy-to-use workshops
  • 18 new resource sheets
  • Creative new activities to engage in philanthropy
  • Immersive activities to enrich your program in Jewish practices of giving
  • Each workshop is stand alone and can be delivered individually over 16 sessions or combined over 8 longer sessions.
  • Each workshop runs from 60 to 90 minutes and can be modified to fit your community needs.
  • Workshops are designed with popular online learning tools, Zoom and GSuite.
  • Tips for facilitators
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